The Highland Park Public Schools Alliance (HPPSA) is a coalition of parents, Highland Park teachers and staff, and community members whose primary objective is to identify and address crucial issues facing our district.

By working collaboratively, HPPSA will:

  • Re-examine and propose policies of the school district to ensure that policy development and implementation are aligned with Highland Park’s progressive public education tradition and are positioned with teacher and student needs;
  • Engage with the school and the community to identify key areas, sources, and solutions to gaps in student performance;
  • Inform the public about national trends in public education, particularly when they may seem out of step with Highland Park’s local values and traditions;
  • Provide guidance on how our district can adapt to federal and state level mandates to better reflect the values and priorities of our schools and community;
  • Engage and recruit candidates for the Highland Park Board of Education who are informed about the needs of our district and understand the unique challenges that our community faces due to our size, limited resources, and strong desire to retain progressive values in a constantly shifting educational landscape.

HPPSA is currently convened by an Organizing Committee/Contributing Editors.

We invite all members of the community that share our values to contribute, participate and list your name as a “supporter” of our mission and positions by signing the guest book. You will also be able to sign up to receive email updates about our future activities.

Sign our supporters/guestbook list and/or subscribe to the email distribution list. 

In the future as we grow we may create a more formal structure as needed and we welcome input.

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